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Jeff is headed back to the Dominican Republic in July 2017

This mission trip to the Dominican Republic, will take place July 18 - 31. There will be two separate groups of doctors and medical students, each committed to one of the two weeks this trip. Over the two week period, over 15 medical clinics will be conducted in several towns and cities all over the D.R.

Last year, this trip was only five days, and our group was made up of medical students from three universities in the U.S., a couple of local doctors, missionaries from the U.S., and several host church members. There were over 500 local residents who received medical aid during the clinics. The clinics were held mostly at churches throughout the area.

This year, we've expanded the mission and the number of clinics to cover two weeks and twice as many locations.

Last year, everyone who needed medical attention was seen, even if it meant staying several hours after the clinic was supposed to end. The students are dedicated to make sure nobody leaves without being treated. Every patient was also ministered to and told how much Jesus loves them.

Alex Miranda shared with me why he began "Jose's Hands" medical missions. Watch what Alex had to say in this video below.

Total cost of this mission trip is $2116, plus the cost of some meals. To make a donation, and receive a tax receipt at the end of the year, make a check payable to OTTOM (One To the Other Ministries) and mail it to: Jeff B. Ministries, PO Box 1776, Broken Arrow, OK 74013-1776. If you would like to donate using a credit card (you won't receive a tax receipt), you can make a secure payment by using PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to use this service.

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